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Project overview

The Ocha Villas Bao Loc is a land project located in Loc Thang town, Bao Lam district, Lam Dong province. The Ocha Villa is a resort villa complex located in the top tourist complex of Bao Loc Tea Village, with bold European architecture along with LaMia Bao Loc, which will be an extremely 'hot' check-in point for visitors upon arrival. with Bao Loc. Owning a prime location, located at the trade gateway of Bao Lam District, as a tourist cluster that is planned, invested and prioritized for development in all aspects, The Ocha Villa is valuable when it comes to earning potential. high in the future and will be the priority and first choice project of customers. Supplying to the market a limited number of products, only 50 villa land plots with an area of ​​​​310 - 500m2 with solid legal guarantees for investors absolute safety, opening investment opportunities to welcome investment. Great regional real estate market.


  • Project name: The Ocha Bao Loc
  • Address: 41 Lac Long Quan, Loc Thang Town, Bao Lam District, Lam Dong Province
  • Developer: Bee Land Real Estate Services Co., Ltd.
  • Product line: Garden house, Homestay, Villa resort land
  • Product area: 12.5 x 25, from 310m2
  • Existing internal facilities: Adjacent to the Central Highlands Tea Village tourist attraction, Landscape Park, Coffee, Restaurant, Tea Garden, Warm water swimming pool, Natural spring, ...
  • Legal ownership: Pink book from the lot
Project location

The location of The Ocha Bao Loc Villa Project is located right on the Front of 41 Lac Long Quan, Loc Thang Town, Bao Lam District, Lam Dong Province. The project is the perfect complex between high-class resort villas and vibrant commercial services. The Ocha Bao Loc Lam Dong inherits a cool climate, rich natural landscape, where the wire is known as "Miniature Da Lat".

The Ocha Bao Loc project is located in Loc Thang town, this place is likened to the intersection of the city, the intersection of many major roads leading to famous tourist destinations of the locality. Therefore, residents or tourists at The Ocha Bao Loc villa should not ignore the outstanding places below, only within a radius of 10km but you can enjoy the beautiful natural landscape in Lam Dong:

  • White Castle 3km.
  • The monastery is 3km.
  • KDL waterfall Dambri 4km.
  • La Vang Parish 4km.
  • Tam Chau Tea Hill 4km.
  • Scenic Pagoda A Di Da 5km.
  • Ho Nam Phuong 7km.
  • Center of Bao Loc City 8km.
  • Pink algae lake 9km.
Project utilities

The Ocha Bao Loc project is located in the heart of the Central Highlands Tea Village resort, a unique cultural exchange point, unique traditional festivals in the Central Highlands. In addition, the project is also planned into many subdivisions, including food, commerce, entertainment, sports and a variety of other essential services. All create a poetic scene of The Ocha Villa Lam Dong with a series of utilities to meet all needs from essential to luxury for residents and visitors. Some outstanding utilities are such as:

  • Highland cultural cuisine restaurant.
  • Coffee view tea hill, romantic windmill.
  • Warm-water pool.
  • Tea ceremony performances, ethnic gong art are regularly held at The Ocha Bao Loc.
  • Unique high-end Glamping area.
  • Aquarium.
  • The commercial area provides products with bold characteristics of the Central Highlands.


The Ocha Villa tea village villa with bold European architecture interspersed with a unique Central Highlands identity promises to become a "hot" check-in point for visitors when coming to Bao Loc. The best thing when visitors come to The Ocha villa is that every morning we wake up we will be immersed in the fog,  When the sun rises, the hills of tea, coffee, green organic vegetable gardens appear and in the distance are the mountains and forests of the plateau as if lost in a fairyland.

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