PRE appreciates the trust of shareholders and customer partners. As a bridge between real estate developers and buyers, we are committed to bringing the two parties together on the basis of harmonized interests. For project developers, we offer effective solutions and services on the basis of market research and extensive professional experience. At the same time, we help real estate buyers feel secure to access quality products with prestigious sponsorship from PRE. On the part of shareholders, PRE is committed to bringing sustainable benefits through transparency in operating activities...

With the foundations we have built, we fully believe that in the future, PRE will grow stronger and stronger to affirm its position as an effective solution provider in the field of real estate services.

PRE sincerely thanks the cooperation of shareholders, the trust of customers and partners, as well as the dedication of the staff in the success of the company. We look forward to always receiving the companionship and support of shareholders, customers and internal teams in the coming steps.

Vision - Mission


PRE has become the first trusted real estate service brand in Vietnam.


PRE believes that the sustainable development of enterprises must be based on the harmonization of the interests of all parties: Customers - Employees - Shareholders, in order to promote the development of the real estate market, contributing to creating value for the community. Concrete:

• For customers: PRE is an effective bridge between investors and real estate buyers, bringing practical benefits and long-term value by maximally satisfying the needs of the parties

• For employees: Build a professional working environment. Training to comprehensively develop professional knowledge, skills and manners. Facilitate high income and pride respected by customers and society


Core Values

CREDIT: PRE always commits and fulfills its commitment to customers – employees, ensuring the efficiency in the services provided to customers (including investors, project developers and real estate buyers). This is also the guideline of all PRE Board of Directors, members and employees in all activities of operating, researching, trading and customer care.

MIND: PRE always thinks and makes creative efforts, offering effective solutions in all activities, thereby creating added value for Customers – Employees.

MORAL: Integrity is the highest expression of honesty and strong adherence to ethical standards. This is an important value that forms the reputation and brand of PRE, portraying the image of a reliable business, always maintaining commitment and efficiency in the process of operation.

With deep market knowledge and professional human resources, PRE is committed to bringing practical value and harmonious benefits to customers, shareholders and employees, thereby contributing to promoting the real estate market for sustainable and long-term development